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About me


Hi I'm Tasneem Dahegamia

Welcome to U Got This Mental health & Wellbeing clinic based in Blackburn.



I have over 25 years’ experience of working with chronic stress, trauma and mental health in Social care from practioner level to managing services and working as a consultant with complex cases for local authorities. 

 During my working career, I have  trained in many evidence based programmes in the UK and American models providing therapeutic interventions to help young people, Adults, parents and families deal with trauma, Anxiety and Depression.

Own Experience of health challenges.

In 2006 I had a traumatic birth with my son which left me dealing with episodes of acute pain which after time became chronic pain and led me to fearing and dreading pain.

Having received lots of  physiotherapy and CBT including private treatments with no long term resolutions, I learned that I had to manage and was left stuck with Fear.

Being so active and Independent, I struggled with this  for some time and was always exploring alternative ways to try and overcome this.  And I'm so glad i did.

Moving forward...

Having worked in practice using CBT/Counselling/ Therapeutic type models of talk therapies for Trauma services  for so long, I began to question if these talk type of therapies solely would resolve Trauma in the long-term.   I found it to be useful in the short term as a management tool  for non trauma related work. 

 However, given the level of Trauma seen in the world of Health & Social Work, I wondered  if there could be better ways of improving  mental health and wellbeing in the longer term by working and clearing the root causes.

After trailing and testing a wide variety of techniques using aspects of psychotherapy, energy psychology, psychological kinesiology, brain working recursive therapies and more including and completing a number of case studies with long term Anxiety & Depression sufferers for a year, I found myself significantly reducing their symptoms.   As we started finding root causes, patterns and triggers,  individuals reported feeling a lot better, having hope, drastically dropping Anxiety levels and have a clearer sense of direction and felt they could start enjoying life again.

 75% of clients I see have already tried  talk based therapies and were reporting to have long term depression start lifting for the first time in ages. This continues to inspire me and motivate me to continue training and develop 'out side the box' techniques to help people with long term Mental Health issues get better.

 I decided to take my 25 years plus experience of working with trauma , mental health and  chronic stress in social care, my training in Energy psychology, Psychotherapy, NLP, Mindfulness, Psychological Kinesiology BWRT and more and decided to set up my own private practice with these combined working models and have never looked back.

I am now helping others in a way that I never have been able to before.

I believe 'if you have your mind you have everything' and am delighted to be rated a 5*Mental Health Service for results on Google and other platforms, offering a more in-depth level of Therapy that fills the gap in Mental health services.

Tasneem Dahegamia Consultant/ Therapist

Time to let go and move forward. 5* Star Rated Mental Health Service


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